June 20, 2017


About our pads

What do we sell? A Big Ass Pad, the Largest Seamless Pad on the Market. Indeed, We know the name may not be all that Christian (although we are). However, we could not find a more appropriate name to describe these custom, one piece pads.


Born and raised in Athens GA “BigAssPads” is the answer to how climbing gyms and home gyms should approach the constant maintenance & injuries that result from falling and landing on uneven pads. We have been trying different options and we realized that having one big pad instead of two or more is way safer.

Traditional velcro systems lend themselves to holes/gaps in padding and increase the amount of maintenance and risk of injury overtime. In essence, by having too many seams, they wear out more quickly and are more apt to cause injury.

BigAssPads answers this problem and provides you with the highest quality Gym Pad solution.

We are a small operation and we take pride in the product we offer.

What sets us apart?

  • Seamless crash pads
  • Quality Dual Foam Padding
  • The Largest/Thickest Landing ” wall to wall” Surface Pads on the